Duchess Glow TM

Welcome to a treatment haven where all your most intimate beauty needs will be met. The cure to all skin struggles unravel at our pampering paradise – MONZ.

Say goodbye to skincare tragedies. From visible aging and fine lines to clogged pores, the remedy to rejuvenate and reenergize skin is specially prepared here. Combining the intricate handles of breakthrough science and natural acumen of the basic human touch, we serve a selection of special healing massages on a platter.

Sparkling Clarity (for oily, mild acne skin)

Utilize a fusion of pressure points, hard-cold mask, steam exfoliation and a face-to-face massage for a clear, calm and clean complexion.

  • Target specific skin needs
  • Thoroughly and deeply cleanse clogged pores
  • Remove dead skin cells

Blossom Makeover ( for fatigue skin, uneven skin tone, stress skin )

Harnessing the positive effects of plant extracts with effi-tea ampoule along with aroma mist, soft mask and
skin-brightening treats for a stylish and fragrant skin rebirth.

  • Reveal skin's best form
  • Revitalize appearance of dry, tired skin
  • Restore skin's vibrant glow

Tender Elixir (for sensitive skin)

Making the most of a soothing ampoule and double layer mask infused with organic coat, skin burn and
sensitive skin's hope hydration and renewed elasticity starts here.

  • Reduce skin sensitivity
  • Relief irritated skin from sunburn/waxing
  • Repair and hydrate skin at cellular level

Energy Bolster (for dry, under nourished skin)

With a combination of rejuvenating massages as well as a hard hot-mask, nourishing and energizing therapy intensely moisturizes skin.

  • Restore inner and outer harmony
  • Rapidly boosts up skin with nutrients
  • Ultra drench with moisture