Duchess Glow TM

Welcome to a treatment haven where all your most intimate beauty needs will be met. The cure to all skin struggles unravel at our pampering paradise – MONZ.

Say goodbye to skincare tragedies. From visible aging and fine lines to clogged pores, the remedy to rejuvenate and reenergize skin is specially prepared here. Combining the intricate handles of breakthrough science and natural acumen of the basic human touch, we serve a selection of special healing massages on a platter.

Signature Facial (for oily, mild acne skin)

In just four effortless steps – cleanse, tone, application of meso therapy and facial mask – the Signature Facial is the perfect choice
for an aspiration of utter facial perfection. The rebirth of unblemished skin begins here.
•   Pores instantly refined
•   Skin colour visibly brighten
•   Flawless complexion
•   Repair uneven colour skin tone

Vita-void (for all skin type)

Want your skin to stay utterly flawless for as long as it can? The key to unlocking years of perfect skin is here. By restoring skins natural moisturizing factor, Vita-void and the treatment’s ultra hydration stamina will prevent dehydration, thus preventing major problematic skin problems of the future.
•   Maintain skin vital pH balance
•   Optimize skin’s energy level throughout the day
•   Deeply moisturize intercellular matrix

Cellular repair

By using the combination of Bio Cell, three ampoules with a meso therapy, skin is treated to its very core and deep within.
With such rigorous yet effective treatment, one can only expect faultless results!
•   Exfoliation and extracting properties
•   Deep enhance skin moisture levels
•   Repair ordinary skin problems