Duchess Glow TM

Welcome to a treatment haven where all your most intimate beauty needs will be met. The cure to all skin struggles unravel at our pampering paradise – MONZ.

Say goodbye to skincare tragedies. From visible aging and fine lines to clogged pores, the remedy to rejuvenate and reenergize skin is specially prepared here. Combining the intricate handles of breakthrough science and natural acumen of the basic human touch, we serve a selection of special healing massages on a platter.

Brow-tiful Shape

Define and perfectly trimmed eyebrows to your liking in less than 20 minutes!
•   Catered to both men and women
•   Consultation and preparation provided
•    Manual plucking for exact result

Dazzling Eyes

Relax your eyes and restore its twinkle again!
•   Utilizing hydrating mask, hot mask and relaxing massage
•   Gentle skin drainage
•   Smoothens skin around eye area

Radiant Eye

Your eyes are the window to your soul. So, let it shine!
•   Utilizes hydrating and hot mask, and ampoule
•   Smoothes away wrinkles 
•   Firms up eye contour and restores eye radiance