Duchess Glow TM

Welcome to a treatment haven where all your most intimate beauty needs will be met. The cure to all skin struggles unravel at our pampering paradise – MONZ.

Say goodbye to skincare tragedies. From visible aging and fine lines to clogged pores, the remedy to rejuvenate and reenergize skin is specially prepared here. Combining the intricate handles of breakthrough science and natural acumen of the basic human touch, we serve a selection of special healing massages on a platter.

Restless Escape (for sensitive skin)

Formulated to restore skin’s pH balance and beautiful complexion, without being too harsh.
Utilizing our greatest products, this is tailored for skin with allergy, sunburnt or sensitive.

  • Relieves irritated skin
  • Reduces appearance of red skin
  • Revitalizes skin from within

Flight to Hydrate (for dry skin)

Utilizing cleansing treats and hydration-inspired formulas to perform a cure for the driest of skin textures.
•   Rehydrate skin
•   Restore suppleness 
•   Reduce appearance of fine lines

Pore-free Rhapsody (for oily skin)

For skin constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions and pollutants, this deep cleansing and
pore refreshing technique allows skin to breathe again.

  • Remove impurities
  • Revive dead skin cells
  • Rival the causes of oily skin